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culture, theory
Keywords: ideology
Downloads: 59
[texts]O Fim da Ideologia? - Simon Schwartzman
O Estado de São Paulo, 6 de julho de 1979. Republicado em Ciencia, Universidade e Ideologia - A Politica do Conhecimento (1980)
Keywords: Ideology
Downloads: 19
[texts]Ukraïns'ka ideol'ogiia revoliutsinoï doby - Burnatovych, Oleksa
Keywords: Ideology
Downloads: 237
[texts]O Arado e a Espada - Simon Schwartzman
O Estado de São Paulo, 1 de junho de 1979
Keywords: Political ideology
Downloads: 11
[texts]Das Esquerdas e Esquerdas - Simon Schwartzman
O Estado de São Paulo, 25 de maio de 1979, p. 2
Keywords: Political Ideology
Downloads: 9
[texts]Liberalismo Politico e Liberalismo Economico - Simon Schwartzman
O Estado de São Paulo, 3 de agosto de 1979
Keywords: Political ideology
Downloads: 27
[texts]Metaphysics and ideology - Martin, William Oliver

Keywords: Metaphysics; Ideology
Downloads: 229
[texts]Ueber den Pessimismus als Durchgangspunkt zu universaler Weltanschauung - Borries, Gottfield, 1855-
Inaug.-Diss. - Leipzig
Keywords: Pessimism; Ideology
Downloads: 120
Keywords: ideology; culture
Downloads: 365
[texts]O Ópio dos Intelectuais - Jornal do Brasil
Resenha e entrevista sobre "Universidade, Ciência e Ideologia: a Política do Conhecimento", Simon Schwartzman. Zahar, 166 páginas, Xr$350, 1981. Jornal do Brasil, 21 de março de 1981
Keywords: Intellectuals; ideology
Downloads: 61
[texts]Neue Bahnen in der Weltanschauung und Naturanschauung - Kaiser, F.C. Albert
Keywords: Ideology; Science
Downloads: 258
[texts]Michael Freeden - Ideology. A Very Short Introduction
The format has a few errors here and there, but most of the book seems legible.
Keywords: ideology; introduction
Downloads: 36
[texts]Ideologia Politica y Participación Obrera - Simon Schwartzman
Anales de la Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciéncias Sociales (FLACSO), Santiago de Chile, vol. 1, 63-83, 1964
Keywords: Political ideology
Downloads: 247
songs about education
Keywords: people ideology
Downloads: 74
Keywords: culture; ideology
Downloads: 3,061
Keywords: ideology; culture
Downloads: 2,566
[texts]books culture - Ernesto
my books
Keywords: culture; ideology
Downloads: 6,003
[audio]ideology.de spec. / 14.02.2004 - tinitusstadl
tinitusstadl-radioshow about the ideology.de-netlabel. this show contains interviews with the people behind id.eology and some musicians. for the playlist, please vistit the tinitusstadl.de-website.
Keywords: tinitusstadl; id.eology; ideology; radioshow; radio; netlabel
Downloads: 85
[texts]Ideologías empresariales en los países socialistas - Simon Schwartzman
Flacso, Santiago de Chile, 1963
Keywords: Management ideology; Socialist countries
Downloads: 5
[texts]Universidade, Ideologia e Poder - Simon Schwartzman
Presença Filosófica (Rio de Janeiro, publicação da Sociedade Brasileira de Filósofos Católicos), Vol. IX, n. 3 e 4, Jul./Dez. 1983, 58-62
Keywords: Universities; Ideology; Power
Downloads: 57
[audio]Front Sonore "Ideologic Warfare" [KEMn16] - Front Sonore
Industrial story about war and ideology.
Keywords: industrial; war; ideology
Downloads: 2,805
[texts]Dray eseyen - Wolf, J., 1904-
Electronic reproduction
Keywords: Ideology; Religion; Judaism
Downloads: 69
The sculpture is magnificent: holding the sceptre of law, standing on a carriage pulled by lions driven by the holder of Liberty, surrounded by Industry and Commerce, followed by a lascivious Prosperity throwing around flowers. The promises of the statue have not been really fulfilled though. In the name of nations there has been more wars and dead than flowers.
Keywords: nationalism; war; ideology
Downloads: 115
[audio]False Consciousness - Michael Buhl
Lecture on the idea of "False Consciousness" from a neo-marxian standpoint.
Keywords: Marx; Ideology; False Consciousness
Downloads: 142
[texts]Anarchism vs. Primitivism - Brian Oliver Sheppard
This important pamphlet looks closely at the fundamental conflicts between anarchism and primitivism. It traces primitivism's basic precepts back to their authoritarian roots, reveals primitivist misconceptions about anarchism, capitalism and technology, shows how the corporate media have used primitivism to discredit anarchism, and also shows how ideology-driven primitivists, much like fundamentalist Christians oppose to evolution, have picked through anthropological evidence to support their p...
Keywords: primitivism; primitivists; ideology; earth
Downloads: 154
[texts]Identificação Ideológica e Voto no Brasil - Simon Schwartzman
Comentário na defesa de tese de doutoramento de André Singer, USP, maio de 1998.
Keywords: Voting Behavior; Ideology
Downloads: 7
[texts]Ideologias - García Calderón, Francisco, 1883-1953
"Esto libro reúne artículos publicados en La Nacion, de Buenos-Aires, El Fígaro, de La Habana, y La Revista de Ameica, de Paris."
Keywords: History, Modern; Literature; Ideology
Downloads: 341
[texts]Miller, Daniel & Christopher Tilley 1984 Ideology, Power And Prehistory
a book about ideology, Power and prehitory
Keywords: Ideology; Power; Prehistory
Downloads: 43
[texts]Probate records of the province of New Hampshire vol. II 1718-1740 state papers series vol. 32 (Volume 1914) - New Hampshire. Probate Court
Bibliography: p. 335-339
Keywords: Political science; Ideology
Downloads: 616
[texts]Ideology and utopia : an introduction to the sociology of knowledge - Mannheim, Karl, 1893-1947
Bibliography: p.281-304
Keywords: Ideology; Utopias; Political science
Downloads: 4,018
[texts]Terry Eagleton - Ideology an Introduction - Terry Eagleton
In the modern world, ideology has never before been so much in evidence as a fact and so little understood as a concept. In a book designed both for newcomers to the topic and for those already familiar with the debates, Terry Eagleton unravels the many different meanings of ideology, and charts the history of the concept from the Enlightenment to postmodernism. As well as clarifying a confused topic, this new edition of a now classic work is fully updated in the light of current theoretical deb...
Keywords: eagleton ideology marxism dialectic
Downloads: 1,930
[audio]Beware Ideology - Prabhasvara
Talk 1 in a series of talks entitled "Doing Nothing is Hard Work" by Prabhasvara given at Manchester Buddhist Centre.
Keywords: Buddhism; Dharma; Meditation; Ideology
Downloads: 663
[texts]Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels - The German Ideology
Wikipedia: The German Ideology (German: Die Deutsche Ideologie) is a book written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels around April or early May 1846. Marx and Engels did not find a publisher. However, the work was later retrieved and published for the first time in 1932 by David Riazanov through the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow. The multi-part book consists of many satirically written polemics against Bruno Bauer, other Young Hegelians, and Max Stirner's The Ego and Its Own (1844)...
Keywords: Marx; Engels; ideology; Feuerbach
Downloads: 343
[texts]La Universidad: Un Verdugo de la Ciencia? - Joseph Hodara
Joseph Hodara, preparado para publicación en Interciencia, Caracas, 1982 Comentario sobre Universidade, Ciência e Ideologia: a Política do Conhecimento, Simon Schwartzman. Zahar, 166 páginas, Xr$350, 1981.
Keywords: Science and Ideology; Science Policy
Downloads: 5
[texts]Islamic Ideology - Allama Ghulam Ahmed Parwez
Islamic Ideology by allama parwez published by tulueislam
Keywords: islamic; ideology; quran; islam; parwez
Downloads: 131
[audio]Just Right #213 Robert Metz & Robert Vaughan
Selflessness Can Be A Real Riot The Necessity Of Value Government Debt: What Ideologica Battle? The Ideology - Of Government Debt
Keywords: Ideology; Selfishness; Value; Politics; Government
Downloads: 10
[movies]Dr. Richard Stallman: Copyright vs. Community
Dr. Richard Stallman talks at the University of Regina on April 2, 2011. Dr. Stallman's talk is presented as part of the 6th Annual University of Regina Student Research Conference
Keywords: Free software; Copyright; Ideology; Opinion
Downloads: 167
[audio]Deep Ideology And Conspiracy ( Michael Parenti)
Deep Ideology And Conspiracy ( Michael Parenti)
Keywords: Conspiracy; Parenti; Ideology; Politics; Lecture
Downloads: 37
[texts]Genesis and ideology of Pakistan - Allama Ghulam Ahmed Parwez
Genesis and ideology of Pakistan by g a parwez published by tulueislam
Keywords: ideology; pakistan; genesis; jinnah; parwez
Downloads: 250
[texts]History and hope: progress in freedom; the Berlin Conference of 1960 - Jelenski, K. A., ed
Papers and excerpts from discussions of a seminar of the Berlin Conference of 1960, held on the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Congress for Cultural Freedom
Keywords: History, Modern; Ideology; Civilization, Modern
Downloads: 31
[audio]ARZone Podcast 52: Dr. Melanie Joy - Understanding Carnism - ARZone (Animal Rights Zone)
Episode 52 features special guest, Dr. Melanie Joy. Running time approx. 53 minutes Dr. Joy is a social psychologist, a professor of psychology and sociology, and a celebrated speaker who has spent many years researching the psychology of eating meat, systems of oppression and strategic social change. Melanie is the author of two books Strategic Action for Animals as well as Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows, which explores what she calls Carnism, the ideology of why we consider some ind...
Keywords: carnism; vegan; vegetarian; speciesism; ideology
Downloads: 608
[audio]ARZone Podcast 63: Melanie Joy - Speaking Truth to Power - ARZone (Animal Rights Zone)
Episode 63 features professor of psychology and sociology, Dr. Melanie Joy. ARZone speaks with Dr. Joy about her recently published article “Speaking Truth to Power” and how the dominant ideology of carnism constructs and employs narratives to marginalize other animals and the humans who advocate on their behalf. Audio podcast, approx. 51 minutes. You may also listen H E R E, or visit this webpage to subscribe using iTunes, and please remember to visit ARZone on the web at www.ARZone.net.  ...
Keywords: carnism; vegan; vegetarian; speciesism; ideology
Downloads: 507
[texts]Kritische Bemerkungen zur Weltanschauung Schopenhauers - Otczipka, Hugo, 1867-
Cover title
Keywords: Schopenhauer, Arthur, 1788-1860; Ideology
Downloads: 250
[texts]Georg Lukács - History And Class Consciousness
Translated by Rodney LivingstoneWikipedia: Written between 1919 and 1922, History and Class Consciousness (1923) initiated the current of thought that came to be known as Western Marxism. Lukács' work elaborates and expands upon Marxist theories such as ideology, false consciousness, reification and class consciousness.
Keywords: Georg Lukacs; Marxism; reification; ideology
Downloads: 485
[texts]Ciencia, Universidade e Ideologia - A Politica do Conhecimento - Simon Schwartzman
Published originally by Editora Zahar, Rio de Janeiro, 1980. Digital publication by Biblioteca Virtual de Livros Brasileiros, Centro Edelstein de Ciencias Sociais, 2008 1. Ciência, Tecnologia, Tecnocracia e Democracia - 07 2. Os mitos da ciência - 18 3. Por uma Política Científica -39 4. Universidade, Ciência e Subdesenvolvimento - 58 A Crise da Universidade - 79 5. Para uma nova agenda - 97 6...
Keywords: Science; Ideology; Higher Education; Brazil
Downloads: 425
[audio]The Bike Show from Resonance FM: 4 August 2008: Cycling, politics and ideology
On this week's show we ask whether the bicycle and cycling are inherently left-wing or right-wing. Featuring Ruth Beale and Karen Breneman, two artists who recently rode together from London to the Institute for the Art and Practice of Dissent at Home in Liverpool in search of cycling's socialist and non-conformist past, present and future. Putting the case for the libertarian right is the leading political blogger and cyclist Guido Fawkes who explains why leading members of the British Conserva...
Keywords: bicycle; politics; clarion; ideology; conservative; london; cycling
Downloads: 93
[audio]Constraints of Ideology Sound Files - Technetium
These are the split tracks for Constraints of Ideology. They have been uploaded to the Archive for remix by Djs and fellow musicians. If you wish to remix a Technetium song or if one of Technetium's signature tracks would be perfect in your production, please contact technetiummusic@aol.com or stop by www.technetium43.com ;) Have Fun
Keywords: Technetium; Constraints of Ideology; Sound Files
Downloads: 156
[texts]Svensk Civilreligion med Två Ansikten: Palme och Ärkebiskoparna - Pétur Pétursson
Since the 1960's there has been increasing understanding and cooperation between the religious and the political spheres in Sweden, notably between the Church of Sweden and the Social-democratic Party. Both have been occupied with issues outside their traditional national and confessional boundaries. The question is whether and to what extent this has resulted in a “civil religion of the Swedish society” which unites the Church and secular politics in their striving for justice and peace in ...
Keywords: cognition; AaO system; religion; politics; ideology; strategy
Downloads: 48
[image]1902_RUSANOV_Mirovoi_rost_i_krizis_sotsializma_(Vestnik_russkoi_revoliutsii_#2) - Mikhail Engelgardt
Work by N.S.RUSANOV. First published in "Vestnik russkoi reviliutsii" #2, 1902 under pseudonim "K. Tarasov"
Keywords: international socialist movement; socialist ideology; revisionism; SR
Downloads: 10
[audio]VPBC Sermon 2009-11-08 am - Rev Jane Thorington-Hassell,John Morris
The second in our series on “Called to the world” as part of the season looking at the foot steps of Jesus. The talk examines the battle for hearts and minds of people. The senior Pastor Jane Thorington-Hassell begins by looking at John 20:19-23 and the fact that Jesus sends us out into harms way like sheep amongst wolves. In the face of different teachings and ideologies battling for allegiance the talk looks at 2 Cor 10:1-5 to compare and contrast the tactics the world uses to that expecte...
Keywords: discipleship; ideology; truth; kindness; gentleness; obstacles
Downloads: 5
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